Restoring Valor: Telemetry and Bureau Document Unique Collaboration

Between Paul Davis Restoration and VFW Post 6695

As we celebrate Memorial Day, we are thrilled to share the story of Paul Davis Restoration of East Michigan and their launch of the “Restoring Valor Project.” In a dynamic partnership with VFW Post 6695, the project aims to restore and preserve invaluable military memorabilia that hold the tales of our veterans’ courage and sacrifice.

For this moving initiative, Telemetry had the unique opportunity to join forces with our visual production partner, Bureau, to weave this story into a compelling narrative and document the background and reaction from veterans of VFW Post 6695.

Honoring the Heroes

Based in Plymouth, Michigan, Post 6695 has opened its archives and donated an assortment of items including uniforms, medals, photographs, and more, each one carrying a story of a veteran who served in various military conflicts. This restoration project is much more than preserving old items—it’s about preserving the legacy of those who have put their lives on the line for our freedom.

Brian Thomas, CEO of Paul Davis Restoration of East Michigan, resonates personally with this project, sharing a touching tribute to his father who served in Vietnam. He passionately voiced his belief in our shared responsibility to honor and support our veterans, making the “Restoring Valor Project” an act of personal homage as well as a broader community service.

Technology Meets Valor

Intricately handling these priceless artifacts, Paul Davis Restoration brought modern cleaning techniques to the table. Among them is ultrasonic cleaning, a method employing high-frequency sound waves to clean and restore items, ensuring each piece of history is treated with the care it deserves. As a result, service uniforms, combat helmets, dog tags, and military awards gleam anew, ready to continue telling their stories.

A Community Comes Together

This project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration. Several local companies extended their resources, skills, and enthusiasm to contribute to this noble cause. From Restoration 1 of Metro Detroit sharing their restoration knowledge, to Recovery Cleaners meticulously rejuvenating uniforms and fabric materials, and Prism Specialties Art restoring photographs – it truly has been a community effort.

The role that each company played in the “Restoring Valor Project” signifies a communal respect for veterans and a shared commitment to preserving their stories.

A Legacy Preserved

With a compelling mix of storytelling and visual documentation, Telemetry and Bureau are honored to bring to light the story of the “Restoring Valor Project.” We are deeply moved by the commitment of Paul Davis Restoration of East Michigan, VFW Post 6695, and all the participating local companies in paying tribute to the brave men and women who have served our nation.

To learn more about the “Restoring Valor Project” or to witness the restored memorabilia, visit the Paul Davis Restoration website. It’s not just about remembering the past—it’s about carrying forward the legacy of valor, sacrifice, and courage that defines our veterans.

Let’s honor them by remembering their stories and preserving their history for future generations to appreciate. Today, and every day, we salute our veterans.

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