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Modificata Selects Telemetry as Public Relations Agency of Record

NOVI, Mich, February 23, 2023 – Integrated marketing and communications agency Telemetry today announces it has been chosen by tuning company Modificata to assist with strategic communications. 

Created by professional sports car driver Jeff Segal, Modificata is a specialized automotive project management firm whose purpose is to create unique driving experiences that no longer exist in modern cars. In short, Modificata modifies sports cars to create a more engaging and exciting experience. A winner at Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring, Jeff understands that the latest technology might maximize outright performance, but does not always translate into a more enjoyable driving experience. 

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Modificata,” said Craig Daitch, president of Telemetry. “Their passion for performance and customer experience mirrors our own commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. With Telemetry’s expertise in strategic communications, we're confident that we can help them reach new levels of success and recognition."

Images and video of current and past Modificata projects are available on the company’s Instagram page.

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TrueCar taps Telemetry for Content Creation

DETROIT, Mich. (December 1, 2022) -- Integrated communications agency Telemetry today announced that TrueCar has selected Telemetry to assist in the development of car-related digital content.

Leveraging TelemetryTRANSMIT™, Telemetry's branded journalism division led by Andrew Ganz, Telemetry will apply its editorial rigor and automotive knowledge to assist TrueCar in post-funnel engagement.

"Since our inception, Telemetry and our TelemetryTRANSMIT division have dedicated its resources to creating top-tier automotive content for the industry," said Craig Daitch, president of Telemetry. "Having the opportunity to work with TrueCar's marketing leaders to engage their customers is an opportunity we are beyond excited for."

About Telemetry

Established in 2020, Telemetry specializes in brand-driven storytelling, helping companies find and speak to their desired audience. Taking a comprehensive approach to integrated communications, we adapt to the needs and projects of our diverse client base and deliver trusted messaging, expertly curated content, and aligned creative visuals to propel each business forward.

Visit telemetryagency.com to learn more about what we do and how we can collaborate with your team.

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Harbinger Selects Telemetry as Public Relations Agency of Record

Strategic communications agency Telemetry today announces it was selected as the public relations agency of record for Los Angeles-based automotive manufacturer, Harbinger. Launched by Telemetry at the 2022 North American International Autoshow (NAIAS) in Detroit, Harbinger was founded with a mission to bring modernization and fresh thinking to a market poorly addressed by electrification through the manufacturing of Class 4 to Class 7 medium-duty trucks.

“Harbinger is arriving to a medium-duty industry that is starving for innovation, and we’re elated to have been chosen to help tell the Harbinger story,” said Telemetry President and Principal Craig Daitch.

Led by co-founders John Harris, Phillip Weicker, and Will Eberts, Harbinger’s team is composed of EV specialists with decades of experience across the automotive, aerospace, and battery technology industries. Harbinger has uniquely differentiated itself through engineering excellence, bringing to market: 

  • A proprietary eAxle combines the motor, inverter, and gearbox into an integrated unit, improving energy efficiency, lowering cost, and bringing critical safety improvements by enabling the battery systems to be positioned entirely inside the frame.
  • A liquid-cooled battery pack engineered for superior performance, lower cost, and a supplier-agnostic sourcing strategy. The pack design also takes advantage of cutting-edge casting technology to provide improved battery durability, safety, and lifespan. 
  • A new driver-focused chassis architecture designed to improve safety, driver experience, and productivity through drive-by-wire steering and enhancements to vehicle ergonomics. In addition, a novel front suspension reduces vehicle overhang, improving driver visibility and vehicle maneuverability. 

At NAIAS, Telemetry used its automotive media knowledge and expertise to assist Harbinger with its debut to a global audience of automotive and technology media. “Mobility is rapidly evolving across all segments of the automotive industry,” said Daitch. “To be given the opportunity to rapidly accelerate awareness for one of the commercial trucking industry’s fastest-rising startups at the predominant showcase of all things automotive was an incredible team effort. Both Telemetry and Harbinger look to additional collaborations and can’t wait to share what’s next!”

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Bringing Sustainable Fashion to the North American International Autoshow with IAC Group

IAC Group chief administrative officer Iwona Villaire wearing a sustainable evening gown designed by the company for the NAIAS charity preview. photo credit: Anthony Morrow, Bureau Detroit.

IAC is a leading global supplier of automotive components and systems. Their primary focus is interior innovations such as instrument panels, door trims, and headliners, working with OEMs such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, and Ford to bring the interior vision they have for their makes and models to fruition.

IAC's purpose is to create environments that move you.

That elevation of the brand was the platform we used to develop what we simply referred to as "The Gown".

A Return to Elegance

It's been two years since we've seen the North American International Auto Show, and that includes the black-tie charity preview that occurs the Friday before the event opens to the public. The preview event has annually been presented as a lean-forward event, broadcast on Detroit's local ABC affiliate, WXYZ. It's as much a tradition as the show itself. With a focus on sustainability and electrification, we worked with IAC to develop a concept that aligned with the virtues of IAC - elegantly engineered, boldly executed, elevating the best in sustainable technology with precision and speed.

In repeating the brand pillars of IAC, it was evident that parallels could be made to the fashion industry. More so, fabrics and materials that were used in the manufacturing of the very interiors millions of people sit in daily could be used for garments and fashion. The gown was the perfect convergence of the automotive and fashion industries.

This insight was shared with our clients, who fully embraced the idea of designing a gown - IAC's Chief Administrative Officer created the original sketch and IAC's talented global teams - including engineering and industrial sewers helped bring the gown to fruition with unprecedented speed. Everything on the gown aligned with IAC - made from three sustainable materials and jewelry made from recycled ocean plastics. It was a monumental effort, but one where everyone was excited to have a place in participating.

A Lesson in Storytelling

The gown is a great example of client creativity while staying close to their core.

Creating a contextual Venn diagram between events (NAIAS and New York Fashion Week), purpose (Using sustainability as a pillar to design and create world-class auto interiors), and creativity (developing a gown made of sustainable automotive materials) is a winning combination for creating attention for your brand. The story is in the dress itself and we're grateful to have worked on this project.

We look forward to seeing Iwona wear the gown at the North American International Auto Show Charity Preview!

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“Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” Taps Telemetry for Strategic Communications

DETROIT, Mich. (July 7, 2022) -- Integrated communications agency Telemetry today announced Cars and Culture with Jason Stein has selected Detroit-based Telemetry to lead its strategic communications, drive growth and build a larger audience of consumer and business viewers and listeners.

Jason Stein, host of "Cars & Culture with Jason Stein"

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to work with Jason and his staff,” said Craig Daitch, president and founder of Telemetry. “Jason is bringing a fresh voice to the cultural aspects of car content with can’t-miss interviews. We couldn’t be more excited to help this unique property continue to grow.”  

Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” debuted on SiriusXM’s radio programming in May 2021 as a weekly show, with actor and businessman Mark Wahlberg as its first guest. With more than 60 episodes since launch, “Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” features longform, in-depth and unique interviews with automotive-obsessed actors, musicians, athletes and business leaders from around the world. “Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” airs four times per week on Business Channel 132 with rebroadcasts on the Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher and SiriusXM channels.

Late last year “Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” launched its own YouTube channel in combination with multiple social platforms, attracting nearly 10,000 YouTube subscribers to date.

Stein, CEO of multimedia brand Flat Six Media and President of automotive consultancy motormindz, is a journalist, radio host, moderator and personality with in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, serving up insightful and entertaining stories -- from inside the boardroom to the race track.

Previous guests include Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali; Coldplay bass player Guy Berryman; TV personality Jay Leno; NFL executive John Elway; Ford Motor Co. Chairman Bill Ford; Penske CEO Roger Penske; NASCAR President Steve Phelps; and many more.

Telemetry will offer “Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” strategic expertise to drive subscriber growth through paid media amplification as well as provide unique insights for social media planning and guest identification.

“We are excited to team with Telemetry’s talented team to bring greater attention to the exciting work we’re doing in the radio and multimedia space,” Stein said. “Craig’s experience and leadership, combined with global clients, are the foundation for a successful partnership. We’re honored to grow our businesses together.”

About Telemetry

Established in 2020, Telemetry specializes in brand-driven storytelling as well as helping companies find and speak to their desired audience. Taking a comprehensive approach to integrated marketing communications, we adapt to the needs and projects of our diverse client base and deliver the trusted messaging, expertly curated content, and aligned creative visuals to propel each business forward. Visit telemetryagency.com to learn more about what we do and how we can collaborate with your team.

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