Harbinger Selects Telemetry as Public Relations Agency of Record

Strategic communications agency Telemetry today announces it was selected as the public relations agency of record for Los Angeles-based automotive manufacturer, Harbinger. Launched by Telemetry at the 2022 North American International Autoshow (NAIAS) in Detroit, Harbinger was founded with a mission to bring modernization and fresh thinking to a market poorly addressed by electrification through the manufacturing of Class 4 to Class 7 medium-duty trucks.

“Harbinger is arriving to a medium-duty industry that is starving for innovation, and we’re elated to have been chosen to help tell the Harbinger story,” said Telemetry President and Principal Craig Daitch.

Led by co-founders John Harris, Phillip Weicker, and Will Eberts, Harbinger’s team is composed of EV specialists with decades of experience across the automotive, aerospace, and battery technology industries. Harbinger has uniquely differentiated itself through engineering excellence, bringing to market: 

  • A proprietary eAxle combines the motor, inverter, and gearbox into an integrated unit, improving energy efficiency, lowering cost, and bringing critical safety improvements by enabling the battery systems to be positioned entirely inside the frame.
  • A liquid-cooled battery pack engineered for superior performance, lower cost, and a supplier-agnostic sourcing strategy. The pack design also takes advantage of cutting-edge casting technology to provide improved battery durability, safety, and lifespan. 
  • A new driver-focused chassis architecture designed to improve safety, driver experience, and productivity through drive-by-wire steering and enhancements to vehicle ergonomics. In addition, a novel front suspension reduces vehicle overhang, improving driver visibility and vehicle maneuverability. 

At NAIAS, Telemetry used its automotive media knowledge and expertise to assist Harbinger with its debut to a global audience of automotive and technology media. “Mobility is rapidly evolving across all segments of the automotive industry,” said Daitch. “To be given the opportunity to rapidly accelerate awareness for one of the commercial trucking industry’s fastest-rising startups at the predominant showcase of all things automotive was an incredible team effort. Both Telemetry and Harbinger look to additional collaborations and can’t wait to share what’s next!”

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