Unlocking Consumer Insights: How We Unearth Car Questions to Drive Engagement

Telemetry team researching car questions with keyword tools, focusing on concise answers and consumer trust, depicted through automotive parts and digital trends.

Modern cars can have upward of 30,000 parts, ranging from tiny screws to complex microchips. Even an exceptionally well-informed car owner or shopper probably has some vehicle questions.

Asking those questions is easy. Answering them? Not so much.

At Telemetry, we help our clients target consumers by doing more than simply providing answers to those questions. We work with our team of full-time staff writers and long-tenured specialists to create concise, easy-to-comprehend answers that compel readers to trust a brand’s website. 

How we figure out those questions is another story altogether.

With upward of 100 years of combined experience working in various segments of the automotive industry, our staff has already asked — and answered — countless questions. But our expertise means we may not automatically think of the basic questions consumers might ask. And we also have to think about make, model, and segment-specific questions, especially as new technologies are introduced and make their way to market. 

Beginning with keyword research tools, we start by identifying primary and secondary keywords – the primary being the main search words being targeted on a specific page and secondary keywords as variations and subtopics. We then develop and define short-tail and long-tail keywords, rounding out the search terms we think best match how consumers are searching on Google, YouTube and Bing. . We then look for trends. Are any types of queries trending upward in terms of volume? Perhaps there’s a new vehicle that has generated a lot of buzz. Consumers turn to the Internet to answer questions they might have.  

Once we’ve identified questions we can answer, it’s likely that we ourselves will have some queries ourselves once we begin researching a topic. We call this story mining, and it can often lead to a host of spokes related to a single hub topic.

Simply put: If we’re asking questions, that means consumers are, too. 

It’s rare — if not entirely unheard of — for a single question to not open up at least a handful of additional topics. For instance, consumers ask a lot of questions about tire pressure monitoring systems. Beyond the basics like maintenance of these devices, we might find ourselves exploring how weather affects tire pressure, or different types of tire and wheel types,  which may lead us to answer additional maintenance and service questions a consumer is likely to ask. 

In reality, a car owner may wind up having well more than 30,000 questions during the ownership of their vehicle! We’re here to answer them all. 


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