Light, a multi-dimensional optics start-up, was seeking to raise awareness of its new-to-the-world technology that allowed cameras to perceive depth with unprecedented accuracy. How could they best communicate specific cross-industry benefits of their platform to the right decision-makers?


Human perception, machine precision.


Project Overview

Light’s groundbreaking technology was a well-kept secret. Its founder spent more time refining their platform than promoting its benefits to the audiences who would benefit most from it. Their technology had far less awareness than LiDAR or RaDAR-the more popular laser-technology equivalent, to business, consumer and automotive audiences.

A former hardware company, Light needed help strengthening its relationship with automotive and tech media while also educating those industries on the benefits of its more affordable more adept technology.

Approach & Solution

Industry awareness was critical to the acceptance and adoption of Light’s Clarity platform. Telemetry developed a scalable thought leadership plan that combined speaking opportunities with media interviews to seamlessly communicate the benefits of Light’s technology to the automotive and technology industries.

Telemetry also developed a strategic cadence of company announcements and enterprise stories that provided a clear narrative around Light’s approach to depth perception.

Specifically, we sought to target a key technical audience that was willing to engage in conversation at a professional level. We recognized the potential for this at Ars Technica and formed a relationship with journalist Jonathan Gitlin as if he were an analyst. We provided him access to Light’s C-Suite, specifically their Chief Product Officer and Chief Executive Officer.

Capitalizing on the momentum created by an initial story, we pitched a second opportunity to Ars Technica, treating the comments in the initial story as a Reddit “AMA”. This unique approach enabled a deeper affinity for Light’s mission and approach. The number of positive comments nodded to the company’s transparency and thoughtful camera-based depth perception platform solutions.


Telemetry’s targeted communications strategy successfully drove awareness of Light’s platform within the automotive industry and parallel verticals. Coverage from a key publication, Ars Technica, led to incremental analyst coverage in GuideHouse, Automotive News and Forbes. Our coverage scaled to an estimated 17.5 million potential readers.

Telemetry authored three bespoke articles that documented Light’s unique approach to depth perception and its value to autonomous mobility. An in-depth interview with Ars Technica resulted in more than 200 reader comments. A follow-up AMA-style article and more than 300 qualified inbound sales leads from Fortune 100 companies to government agencies.

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