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As the industry shifts to electrification, Carbon Revolution saw the immediate benefits their carbon fiber wheels could offer the automotive industry. To share their revelations meant shifting how the industry perceives carbon fiber wheels – from being exclusively outfitted on performance vehicles, to a new category disruptor.


Converting the Pinnacle of Wheel Performance into an Indispensable Asset for EV’s


Project Overview

Carbon Revolution is the only at-scale manufacturer of one-piece carbon fiber wheels for the automotive industry, working with Ford, Ferrari and Chevrolet for the high-performance application of their product.

With global predictions stating at least 45% of the auto industry will be electric by 2035, the benefits of carbon fiber wheels, Carbon Revolution has anticipated the transformation and sought out Telemetry to help shift their position in the industry from industry disruptor to redefining a category.

Approach & Solution

As automotive manufacturers offer more and more electric vehicles (EVs), and as the industry continues its trend to larger diameter wheels, creative solutions need to be found to combat the added weight of EV batteries and large-diameter wheels. Telemetry used all facets of the company’s services in developing an awareness strategy for Carbon Revolution promoting their support of the EV paradigm.

Bifurcating our approach, we created a series of articles published on Carbon Revolution’s LinkedIn page leveraging insights from interviews with the company’s key engineering executives in addition to a white paper on Carbon Revolution’s benefits to electrified vehicles. To help amplify the bespoke long-form content developed, Telemetry leveraged its media buying and planning experts through TelemetryBOOST™ to create a hyper-efficient cost per click on LinkedIn and cost per engagement on Facebook respectively.

Once a narrative was established through Carbon Revolution’s owned and operated channels, we focused on identifying the right publications to share their story. To date, enthusiast magazines had only considered Carbon Revolution for its performance attributes on the most desirable supercars. Instead of focusing our outreach solely on the enthusiast, we shifted our core targets to identify industry analysts, technology publications, and reputable industry sources to validate Carbon Revolution’s value proposition. These included SAE, Automotive News, Ars Technica amongst others. To help create further context, we created a series of high-res photos of Carbon Revolution’s wheels on the Ford Mustang GT500.

With the zeitgeist of automotive culture shifting towards electrification, we positioned carbon fiber is THE alternative to aluminum wheels — providing superior NVH, performance and handling as well as extended range and the desirable aesthetics consumers want in their wheels.


Telemetry’s always-on approach to shifting the conversation to carbon fiber wheels being an indispensable asset as the industry shifts to EVs has given Carbon Revolution a new platform to attract interest amongst key influencers within the automotive industry.

Publications such as EV Pulse, Automotive News, Ars Technica, Hagerty and MotorTrend all presented a shift in where Carbon Revolution is evolving their focus. Analyst briefings with Guidehouse and Gardner have further substantiated Carbon Revolution’s position in the marketplace.

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