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Bringing dimension to a Tier 1 automotive supplier.

IAC Group, a Tier 1 automotive supplier, had a challenge of awareness: working with the largest automotive brands in the world, they turned the dreams of OEMs into the future. How could they raise awareness among key decision-makers to tell their story while simultaneously engaging existing and prospective employees?


Project Overview

Despite its multi-billion dollar business and innovations brought to life on hundreds of thousands of vehicles, IAC Group was relatively unknown.

With new leadership and a new strategy in place after a moment of turbulence, IAC Group set out to redefine their brand.

To start, the company needed to strengthen relationships with nearly 20,000 employees worldiwde; repair its image with the media, OEMs, and potential recruits; and connect key innovations to their brand name.

Approach & Solution

IAC Group's social channels had been dormant for nearly a year, with previous content not engaging the right audiences. Crucial media relationships had grown dormant in the absence of regular outreach and proactive pitching.

To ensure long-term success, the brand had to have a consolidated voice across owned, earned and shared channels that radiated the right kind of energy.

To align these crucial elements, Telemetry went to work. We developed an integrated marketing communications strategy that engaged with multiple stakeholders on multiple platforms. We enabled the brand to internally and externally: celebrate company milestones, applaud employees successes, engage with potential recruits, and gain insight into global stakeholder reaction to new products.


Telemetry was monumental in transforming our decades-old brand into a technology company at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry.

Their support with internal communications has helped us engage our nearly 18,000 employees, building and celebrating a global team focused and working towards the same goal.


Kevin Parliament

Global Marketing & Communications
IAC Group


Our robust integrated marketing communications plan enabled a complete overhaul of the IAC Group’s communications with all audiences.

As the first true internal communications strategy for the brand, Telemetry’s work resulted in 180 immediate employee satisfaction testimonials. Formerly dormant social media profiles sprang to life—with more than 2,000 new active members and a reach of more than 300,000 impressions in the first quarter of activity.

Audience engagement grew to and maintained an average of 3.5 percent and 5.4 percent engagement rates on Facebook and LinkedIn, respectively, with positive employee activity and mentions increasing daily.

Employee profiles shared through the company’s intranet and social media channels garnered the most attention across all platforms, with shares multiplying impressions and engagement.

Internally, our enterprise storytelling and thought leadership strategy successfully placed IAC Group’s Chief Technical Officer in a multi-page innovation article in SAE Magazine—the brand’s first placement in the magazine in half 
a decade.

Our integrated marketing communications scope was expanded after just three months to include initiatives with the company’s human resources, recruitment, and DE&I teams to take an even more integrated approach for a greater potential impact.

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