Telemetry Relaunches, Announces Core Offerings 

Integrated marketing and communications agency launches company pillars as part of extensive rebranding initiative

Telemetry has rebranded as a fully integrated marketing communications agency.

NOVI, Mich. (June 21, 2022) — Integrated marketing and communications agency Telemetry today announces the relaunch of its brand in response to accelerated company growth and a renewed vision, introducing the official offering of its core pillars – telemetryTRANSMIT™, telemetryTRUST™ and telemetryVISION™. 

“The evolution of Telemetry over the past two years is a direct result of the types of marketing and communication services our clients have asked of us, and our ability to consistently deliver them,” said Craig Daitch, president and founder of Telemetry. “Our relaunch of Telemetry could not have transpired so quickly if it weren’t for the talent we work with every day inside of our growing company.”

Over the past 24 months, Telemetry transformed from a traditional public relations wheelhouse into a fully integrated marketing communications agency navigating clients through the intricacies of the industries they seek to dominate. Telemetry now provides three core offerings:

  • telemetryTRANSMIT exists at the intersection of human truth and brand truth where Telemetry places clients with award-winning authors to collaboratively craft stories that transform messaging into actionable content, advancing the objectives of a brand at the speed of modern industry.
  • telemetryVISION creates brand assets that align with guidelines and best practices from across the digital publishing landscape, working in tandem with the telemetryTRANSMIT team to inform truly unique and purposeful visuals. 
  • telemetryTRUST transforms old-school PR with decades of experience and deeply cultivated relationships to precisely place impactful stories with the right audiences for maximum impact.

In addition to its core pillars, the company announces telemetryBOOST – its offering that amplifies the power of those pillars with a deep understanding of the paid social and paid search algorithms, shortening the learning phase and accelerating efficiency to increase reach, consideration and revenue.

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About Telemetry

Established in 2020, Telemetry brings leadership, vision and strategy to clients seeking a fresh approach to communications. By creating a more powerful approach to multi-platform storytelling, Telemetry enables our clients to find their brand voice, resonating with an ever-evolving audience. Learn more at

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