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Big science, big impact.

How could Nikon Metrology, a B2B optics powerhouse, scale their message around the efficacy of their metrology technologies to new audiences while evolving their storytelling approach to be more intriguing and emotional?


Project Overview

Nikon’s consumer products are well-respected and well-known, but it's the brand’s B2B products that are changing the world.

Despite being involved with groundbreaking work from medicine to motorsport and space to anthropology, Nikon struggled to capitalize on the true magnitude of their achievements.

The brand had previously limited storytelling to industry trade shows. When the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way customers made purchasing decisions, Nikon Metrology sought out Telemetry to help them shift strategies to include more virtual representations of their products.

Approach & Solution

Telemetry developed a unique multi-faceted approach: harnessing enterprise storytelling and brand publishing to craft narratives that highlighted Nikon Metrology’s role in groundbreaking projects through visual and written content.

Telemetry helped Nikon become fluent in the role of storytelling to benefit the scientific process. We helped them reimagine the way they launched key products, ensuring the reveal of their Apdis flagship product would be seen by both industry insiders and targeted media as the revolution it was designed to be.

We created a strong narrative that reframed the significance of the launch. A product with over 150 installations in over 36 vehicle plants worldwide is a big deal. A storyline that most accurately portrayed the level of development, passion and accuracy was critical to ensuring the right voices had a strong desire to find a parallel narrative to reach their focused audiences.

To reach the right members of the automotive media, we needed to treat them as the sophisticated “consumers” they strive to be—wowing them with a three-part video series that made the importance of the announcement feel visceral. Our biggest challenge was to balance this level of storytelling with sales impact for the true purchaser, B2B customers. They required detail with a specific set of bonafides unique to the clear evolution of a known product.

In our core materials, like a targeted press release, we aligned key words and key angles we knew targeted media would find intriguing with concise, but powerful statements actual B2B customers would leap at. We connected the potential shift in the automotive world to the potential advancement of the world’s most important space initiative that only a flexible, new-generation product with a new name, could enable.

In essence, we wanted to paint a clear picture of how the launch of Apdis was critical not just to the scaling of automotive production but to any and every precision-industry for the next 25 years!


Working with Telemetry enabled us to simplify the complexities of industrial measurement for the automotive industry.

We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate.


Marketing Manager

Nikon Metrology

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