May Mobility

May Mobility tasked Telemetry with strategically announcing its Series C funding, a major milestone for the company with its largest and most anticipated valuation yet.


Generating Confidence for an AV Brand Amidst Industry Doubt


Project Overview

As May Mobility’s agency of record, Telemetry identified the company’s Series C as a major milestone and opportunity to generate earned media coverage. The challenge was the industry was facing major headwinds of doubt on autonomous capabilities. Competitors were cutting back or shutting down operations and autonomous vehicle (AV) incidents were casting doubt on whether AVs could be successful in the real world. Journalists were becoming increasingly hesitant to cover AV companies.

Approach & Solution

The objective was to recapture the confidence of tech and automotive media, despite the company still having AV operators behind the wheel of its vehicles, and generate excitement for what was to come in AV development. Telemetry developed a strategy that started with a round opening announcement, followed by conversations with key media and analysts. The close of the round the first reference of the company’s upcoming development on the Toyota e-Pallete.


May Mobility captured the attention of TechCrunch, Automotive News, Reuters, Future Car, Yahoo Finance, EV Pulse and Forbes, among others. The funding series breathed new life into the startup that had immense doubt and offered opportunities for new conversations on where development with Toyota is heading.

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