Major Financial Institution


Beyond research, forming a valuable connection to automotive information seekers.

A major financial institution was aspiring to be a top destination for consumer automotive research. How could a clear and specific voice be developed that would transcend categories and act as a beacon of trust in a crowded marketplace?


Project Overview

A major financial institution sought the assistance of Telemetry to provide an extensive editorial plan, that seamlessly integrated with the financial institution's core team.

Our plan led to the development of a newsroom-inspired scalable content strategy.

Telemetry identified relevant topics through extensive keyword research, industry observations and existing automotive knowledge. We managed the assignment, development and delivery of 400+ articles over a six-month period with the editorial rigor of a well-established editorial franchise.

Approach & Solution

Our extensive knowledge in the automotive journalism space was a natural fit for the aspirations of our client.

We approached this project with both the obsession of a passionate enthusiast and the curiosity of an overwhelmed in-market shopper.

How could we create content that empowers curious consumers in a way that makes them feel in control?

More importantly, how could we do that in a way that establishes a major financial institution as the authority on a topic they previously had no organic path into?

Our process, led by an editorial staff that managed content for one of the largest automotive magazines in the world, allowed for our newsroom to produce work of unprecedented scale and depth. With access to over 40 contributors within the automotive media, we could assign the right journalist to the right vertical, ensuring a tone that pushed the brand to the top of algorithmic search.


Using TelemetryTRANSMIT™, we developed an evergreen editorial strategy that aligns with our clients' objectives.

We operationalized a content authorship program that harnessed the passion and detail of the automotive enthusiast and the rational needs of the in-market shopper to enable the most mindful automotive purchase decisions.



Our client saw noticeable positive changes across major site metrics including page views, time spent on site, and UMV's

Equally as important, our work began ranking in top search results related to car shopping within the first four weeks of our engagement.

Our continued work has allowed our client to measurably increase the amount of new inquiries relating to their automotive-adjacent products and build a critical foundation of trust that enables them to stand out among their competitors. 

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