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Five Questions with Telemetry’s Internal Communications Expert, Wendy Stachowicz

Wendy Stachowicz leads internal communications for many Telemetry clients.

How did you start your career in internal communications?

I started working in the automotive industry at General Motors Corporation as a co-op student within the engineering department. As part of my assignment, I partnered with the corporate communications team to help educate employees about our new product launches. I can honestly say I enjoyed my experiences connecting with employees while creating opportunities for them to become brand advocates. After graduation, I was hoping a position might open up within the communications department, but the timing was just not right. In turn, I accepted an opportunity in a different department but continued to build relationships with members of the communications team. After a year of volunteering as a support person at media events and working as an extra set of hands on some internal communications projects, I eventually was offered a position as a communications coordinator. I was thrilled to finally get my foot in the door.

Where did you find your passion for internal communications?

I am a natural communicator and helper so my passion for connecting with others is just part of who I am. Throughout my career, I have been blessed to have been a part of many great teams within the communications function. Communication to me has always been about developing authentic relationships that help others feel valued. This trait is probably why I always find my way back to internal communications as I believe keeping employees engaged and motivated helps bring out the best in each person. My favorite saying is “Be the Change You Want to See”. This means walking the talk, being accountable and responsible for how you show up each day. It also means to never stop growing and developing a strong inner character. 

Is there a project or moment in your career that you’re most proud of?

As the lead for employee product communications at General Motors, I was able to create, from the ground up, the industry’s first experiential employee-to-consumer vehicle brand advocacy program. The Vehicle Advocate Program engaged hourly, salaried, and contract employees to serve as the face of the company at test drive events with potential consumers working for GM business partners across the United States. This grassroots program was able to attract over 3000 employee volunteers representing a variety of business functions and won the company’s prestigious “Mark of Customer Excellence” award for its positive impact on creating a customer-centered culture at GM.

The success of the Vehicle Advocate Program and the lifelong relationships I developed were a career highlight that reinforced my belief that strong employee advocacy is the “secret sauce” to authentically reaching consumers at a grassroots level.

For communications professionals interested in a career focused on internal communications, what’s a great piece of advice to give them?

Keep fighting the good fight with regard to the importance of employee engagement. When times get tough, often the first budgets targeted for reduction relate to internal communications. It is during the tough times that we need to make a greater investment in internal communications, ensuring employees are aligned with the organization’s strategy and are armed with the right messages at the right time. 

As internal communicators, it is important to keep employees focused on the goals and objectives that will keep the company moving forward in good times and bad. I believe it is our voice to the organization that will ensure employee engagement strategies are in place that help improve productivity, drive innovation, and create a positive work environment.

What argument would you make to a brand on the fence when it comes to investing in internal communications?

I guess the one question I would ask is how are your employees telling your brand story? Are they a voice for you or against you? Creating employee brand advocates is an ideal way for employees to make a personal connection to the brand through an experience. It is from these experiences they can then create authentic, relatable stories to share within their circle of influence. In my opinion, the value of peer-to-peer brand recommendations is priceless.

I mean why wouldn’t you want to empower employees to serve as an extension of your brand’s marketing team?

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“Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” Taps Telemetry for Strategic Communications

DETROIT, Mich. (July 7, 2022) -- Integrated communications agency Telemetry today announced Cars and Culture with Jason Stein has selected Detroit-based Telemetry to lead its strategic communications, drive growth and build a larger audience of consumer and business viewers and listeners.

Jason Stein, host of "Cars & Culture with Jason Stein"

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to work with Jason and his staff,” said Craig Daitch, president and founder of Telemetry. “Jason is bringing a fresh voice to the cultural aspects of car content with can’t-miss interviews. We couldn’t be more excited to help this unique property continue to grow.”  

Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” debuted on SiriusXM’s radio programming in May 2021 as a weekly show, with actor and businessman Mark Wahlberg as its first guest. With more than 60 episodes since launch, “Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” features longform, in-depth and unique interviews with automotive-obsessed actors, musicians, athletes and business leaders from around the world. “Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” airs four times per week on Business Channel 132 with rebroadcasts on the Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher and SiriusXM channels.

Late last year “Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” launched its own YouTube channel in combination with multiple social platforms, attracting nearly 10,000 YouTube subscribers to date.

Stein, CEO of multimedia brand Flat Six Media and President of automotive consultancy motormindz, is a journalist, radio host, moderator and personality with in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, serving up insightful and entertaining stories -- from inside the boardroom to the race track.

Previous guests include Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali; Coldplay bass player Guy Berryman; TV personality Jay Leno; NFL executive John Elway; Ford Motor Co. Chairman Bill Ford; Penske CEO Roger Penske; NASCAR President Steve Phelps; and many more.

Telemetry will offer “Cars & Culture with Jason Stein” strategic expertise to drive subscriber growth through paid media amplification as well as provide unique insights for social media planning and guest identification.

“We are excited to team with Telemetry’s talented team to bring greater attention to the exciting work we’re doing in the radio and multimedia space,” Stein said. “Craig’s experience and leadership, combined with global clients, are the foundation for a successful partnership. We’re honored to grow our businesses together.”

About Telemetry

Established in 2020, Telemetry specializes in brand-driven storytelling as well as helping companies find and speak to their desired audience. Taking a comprehensive approach to integrated marketing communications, we adapt to the needs and projects of our diverse client base and deliver the trusted messaging, expertly curated content, and aligned creative visuals to propel each business forward. Visit telemetryagency.com to learn more about what we do and how we can collaborate with your team.

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Andrew Ganz Joins Telemetry as Executive Editor, Consumer Automotive Content 

Andrew Ganz joins Telemetry as Executive Editor.

NOVI, Mich. (June 14, 2022) -- Integrated marketing and communications agency Telemetry today announces the hire of Andrew Ganz as Executive Editor, leading the consumer automotive content under TelemetryTRANSMIT™ – the company’s brand publishing offering that matches clients with accomplished industry authors to drive narratives that advance the objectives of the brand.

"Andrew brings the type of experience we seek at Telemetry ," said Craig Daitch, Telemetry president and founder. "He has worked across all facets of the automotive industry with a mind for storytelling. We are excited for Andrew to bring a new and fresh vision for TelemetryTRASMIT."

Ganz joins Telemetry after gaining experience in public relations at two automotive manufacturers and serving as editor and contributor at several well-known automotive publications including Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, and Motor Authority. With a journalism degree from Indiana University, Ganz will be focused on driving strategy and overseeing operations for TelemetryTRANSMIT™. 

"As a storyteller always in search of an audience, I've found my place with the team at Telemetry,” said Ganz. “I'm looking forward to connecting our clients with the readers they never knew they could find."

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Telemetry Relaunches, Announces Core Offerings 

Integrated marketing and communications agency launches company pillars as part of extensive rebranding initiative

Telemetry has rebranded as a fully integrated marketing communications agency.

NOVI, Mich. (June 21, 2022) -- Integrated marketing and communications agency Telemetry today announces the relaunch of its brand in response to accelerated company growth and a renewed vision, introducing the official offering of its core pillars – telemetryTRANSMIT™, telemetryTRUST™ and telemetryVISION™. 

“The evolution of Telemetry over the past two years is a direct result of the types of marketing and communication services our clients have asked of us, and our ability to consistently deliver them,” said Craig Daitch, president and founder of Telemetry. “Our relaunch of Telemetry could not have transpired so quickly if it weren’t for the talent we work with every day inside of our growing company.”

Over the past 24 months, Telemetry transformed from a traditional public relations wheelhouse into a fully integrated marketing communications agency navigating clients through the intricacies of the industries they seek to dominate. Telemetry now provides three core offerings:

  • telemetryTRANSMIT exists at the intersection of human truth and brand truth where Telemetry places clients with award-winning authors to collaboratively craft stories that transform messaging into actionable content, advancing the objectives of a brand at the speed of modern industry.
  • telemetryVISION creates brand assets that align with guidelines and best practices from across the digital publishing landscape, working in tandem with the telemetryTRANSMIT team to inform truly unique and purposeful visuals. 
  • telemetryTRUST transforms old-school PR with decades of experience and deeply cultivated relationships to precisely place impactful stories with the right audiences for maximum impact.

In addition to its core pillars, the company announces telemetryBOOST – its offering that amplifies the power of those pillars with a deep understanding of the paid social and paid search algorithms, shortening the learning phase and accelerating efficiency to increase reach, consideration and revenue.

For more information on Telemetry and the company’s offerings, visit www.TelemetryAgency.com

About Telemetry

Established in 2020, Telemetry brings leadership, vision and strategy to clients seeking a fresh approach to communications. By creating a more powerful approach to multi-platform storytelling, Telemetry enables our clients to find their brand voice, resonating with an ever-evolving audience. Learn more at www.telemetryagency.com.

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Telemetry Named Finalist for PR Campaign of the Year

Telemetry has been chosen as a finalist for PR Campaign of the Year for the 15th annual D Show. The agency's work on “Howe Foundation NFT Campaign,” is being recognized for its unique and contemporary communications strategy that allowed for unprecedented reach for the Howe Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to give equal opportunities to experience the passion of sports.

The D Show celebrates the best of advertising, marketing and PR in Detroit

“Being asked to conceptualize an NFT project that represented seminal moments in one of the greatest hockey players of all time’s career, by the Howe Family, wasn’t just an honor, it was an obligation” said Craig Daitch, President and Founder of Telemetry. “The D Show is in its 13th year and we’re fortunate to have been recognized for the hard work we put into this unique campaign.”

Telemetry secured focused coverage with Global News, The Athletic, NHL.com, The Detroit, Yahoo, the Detroit Free Press, among others, and the campaign was amplified by high-profile Twitter users like Michael Bublé and Dave Coulier, reaching an estimated coverage of 91 million readers digitally.

“It was an incredible team effort, and Telemetry represented the Howe Foundation with respect every step of the way.” said Travis Howe, member of the Howe Foundation and grandson to Gordie and Colleen Howe. 

The D Show’s mission is to celebrate Detroit's advertising community with an annual award show including categories from all areas within advertising. This year’s sponsors include powerhouses like Meta, Yahoo, and Tiktok making it one of the biggest awards shows in advertising. 

Other agencies recognized on the D Show’s short list include Weber Shandwick and Lafayette American. Having just celebrated its two-year anniversary, Telemetry is the youngest agency represented in the category.

This winner of PR Campaign of the Year and others will be announced at the D Show awards ceremony on Thursday, June 23 at 7pm at the Gem Theater in Detroit. 

For more information about Telemetry, visit www.telemetryagency.com. To learn more about Telemetry’s work on the Howe Foundation, click here

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WiTricity Selects Telemetry as PR Agency of Record

NOVI, Mich. (May 1, 2022) -- Integrated marketing and communications agency Telemetry today announces it was chosen as the public relations agency of record for WiTricity, the leader in wireless charging for electric vehicles.  The Telemetry team will help establish and communicate the brand’s narrative as the leading innovator of wireless charging for electric vehicles (EVs).

WiTricity’s proprietary magnetic resonance technology is applicable across passenger and commercial vehicles alike, with established global OEM partnerships, an aftermarket solution, as well as local initiatives like the Detroit Smart Parking laboratory. Founded in 2007, the company also assisted the Society of Automotive Engineers in the development of interoperable standards for wireless charging.

Telemetry will offer strategic expertise to aid WiTricity as the company navigates the automotive, energy and technology industries with transformative technology set to accelerate the adoption of EVs and setting the stage for future autonomy.

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Telemetry Adds Beth Nichols as Managing Editor

Beth Nichols joins Telemetry as managing editor.

NOVI, Mich. (February 1, 2022) -- Integrated marketing and communications agency Telemetry today announces the growth hire of Beth Nichols as Managing Editor. Nichols will manage content for the company’s consumer automotive wing, delivering magazine-quality editorial on behalf of brands.

"Beth brings a wealth of copy-room experience, automotive knowledge, and fact-checking rigor to the editing process," said Craig Daitch, Telemetry president and founder. "She will help ensure our brand-publishing clients receive well-manicured and error-free copy."

Nichols joins Telemetry after spending several years as an editor at Road & Track and Car and Driver. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.

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