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Restoring Valor: Telemetry and Bureau Document the Unique Collaboration Between Paul Davis Restoration and VFW Post 6695

As we celebrate Memorial Day, we are thrilled to share the story of Paul Davis Restoration of East Michigan and their launch of the "Restoring Valor Project." In a dynamic partnership with VFW Post 6695, the project aims to restore and preserve invaluable military memorabilia that hold the tales of our veterans' courage and sacrifice.

For this moving initiative, Telemetry had the unique opportunity to join forces with our visual production partner, Bureau, to weave this story into a compelling narrative and document the background and reaction from veterans of VFW Post 6695.

Honoring the Heroes

Based in Plymouth, Michigan, Post 6695 has opened its archives and donated an assortment of items including uniforms, medals, photographs, and more, each one carrying a story of a veteran who served in various military conflicts. This restoration project is much more than preserving old items—it's about preserving the legacy of those who have put their lives on the line for our freedom.

Brian Thomas, CEO of Paul Davis Restoration of East Michigan, resonates personally with this project, sharing a touching tribute to his father who served in Vietnam. He passionately voiced his belief in our shared responsibility to honor and support our veterans, making the "Restoring Valor Project" an act of personal homage as well as a broader community service.

Technology Meets Valor

Intricately handling these priceless artifacts, Paul Davis Restoration brought modern cleaning techniques to the table. Among them is ultrasonic cleaning, a method employing high-frequency sound waves to clean and restore items, ensuring each piece of history is treated with the care it deserves. As a result, service uniforms, combat helmets, dog tags, and military awards gleam anew, ready to continue telling their stories.

A Community Comes Together

This project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration. Several local companies extended their resources, skills, and enthusiasm to contribute to this noble cause. From Restoration 1 of Metro Detroit sharing their restoration knowledge, to Recovery Cleaners meticulously rejuvenating uniforms and fabric materials, and Prism Specialties Art restoring photographs - it truly has been a community effort.

The role that each company played in the "Restoring Valor Project" signifies a communal respect for veterans and a shared commitment to preserving their stories.

A Legacy Preserved

With a compelling mix of storytelling and visual documentation, Telemetry and Bureau are honored to bring to light the story of the "Restoring Valor Project." We are deeply moved by the commitment of Paul Davis Restoration of East Michigan, VFW Post 6695, and all the participating local companies in paying tribute to the brave men and women who have served our nation.

To learn more about the "Restoring Valor Project" or to witness the restored memorabilia, visit the Paul Davis Restoration website. It's not just about remembering the past—it's about carrying forward the legacy of valor, sacrifice, and courage that defines our veterans.

Let’s honor them by remembering their stories and preserving their history for future generations to appreciate. Today, and every day, we salute our veterans.

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Telemetry Public Relations Expands Services with New Branded Content Division for Heavy Duty Trucking Industry

Industry-recognized integrated communications agency leverages its expertise in content writing to offer new marketing services for trucking companies. 

NOVI, MI - Telemetry, a Detroit-based integrated communications agency, announced today the launch of telemetryTRANSMIT HD, a new service aimed at helping the heavy duty trucking industry develop compelling branded content. As a subdivision of telemetryTRANSMIT, Telemetry's industry-leading branded content division, telemetryTRANSMIT HD, will provide heavy duty trucking companies with a single service-resource to assist in crafting engaging content that resonates with their target audience, from content ideation through execution.

"We are excited to offer this new content creation service to the heavy duty trucking industry," said Craig Daitch, President of Telemetry Public Relations. "Our telemetryTRANSMIT division has a strong background in writing for the automotive industry, and we believe this expertise translates well to writing for heavy duty trucks. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that heavy duty trucking companies face, and we are committed to helping them communicate their message in a way that resonates with their audience."

Telemetry Public Relations' telemetryTRANSMIT HD service will provide heavy duty trucking companies with a full suite of editorial resources to develop effective branded content. With years of experience in developing web and print content for companies such as TrueCar, Capital One, Nikon Metrology and others, Telemetry is well-equipped to help heavy duty trucking companies in all facets of content marketing. The telemetryTRANSMIT HD service will support the industry through content strategy development, editorial planning and management, content creation, as well as distribution and promotion.

Daitch notes that the heavy trucking industry is projected to see a 26% growth by 2030, according to data from the American Trucking Association. With the industry rapidly evolving to  embrace autonomous technology and alternative fuel sources, Telemetry's expertise in developing engaging branded content can help companies stand out in a competitive market.

About Telemetry Public Relations 

Established in 2020, Telemetry brings leadership, vision and strategy to clients seeking a fresh approach to communications. By creating a more powerful approach to multi-platform storytelling, Telemetry enables our clients to find their brand voice, resonating with an ever-evolving audience. Learn more at

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Modificata Selects Telemetry as Public Relations Agency of Record

NOVI, Mich, February 23, 2023 – Integrated marketing and communications agency Telemetry today announces it has been chosen by tuning company Modificata to assist with strategic communications. 

Created by professional sports car driver Jeff Segal, Modificata is a specialized automotive project management firm whose purpose is to create unique driving experiences that no longer exist in modern cars. In short, Modificata modifies sports cars to create a more engaging and exciting experience. A winner at Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring, Jeff understands that the latest technology might maximize outright performance, but does not always translate into a more enjoyable driving experience. 

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Modificata,” said Craig Daitch, president of Telemetry. “Their passion for performance and customer experience mirrors our own commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. With Telemetry’s expertise in strategic communications, we're confident that we can help them reach new levels of success and recognition."

Images and video of current and past Modificata projects are available on the company’s Instagram page.

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Telemetry President Craig Daitch a Featured Guest on Ed Garsten’s “Tales from the Beat” Podcast

Ed Garsten has spent 45 years in the multimedia industry, with 20 of them at CNN.

Telemetry President Craig Daitch was the featured guest on Ed Garsten's podcast "Tales from the Beat" recently. Garsten is a highly revered 45 year veteran of the media industry, spending nearly 20 years at CNN. His imprint on the automotive industry is unprecedented, developing a digital-first media hub while at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Daitch shared his thoughts on a number of topics, including his background, the current state of public relations and the role auto shows play in today's automotive media landscape.

To listen to the podcast interview, please click below:

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TrueCar taps Telemetry for Content Creation

DETROIT, Mich. (December 1, 2022) -- Integrated communications agency Telemetry today announced that TrueCar has selected Telemetry to assist in the development of car-related digital content.

Leveraging TelemetryTRANSMIT™, Telemetry's branded journalism division led by Andrew Ganz, Telemetry will apply its editorial rigor and automotive knowledge to assist TrueCar in post-funnel engagement.

"Since our inception, Telemetry and our TelemetryTRANSMIT division have dedicated its resources to creating top-tier automotive content for the industry," said Craig Daitch, president of Telemetry. "Having the opportunity to work with TrueCar's marketing leaders to engage their customers is an opportunity we are beyond excited for."

About Telemetry

Established in 2020, Telemetry specializes in brand-driven storytelling, helping companies find and speak to their desired audience. Taking a comprehensive approach to integrated communications, we adapt to the needs and projects of our diverse client base and deliver trusted messaging, expertly curated content, and aligned creative visuals to propel each business forward.

Visit to learn more about what we do and how we can collaborate with your team.

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Julie Banovic joins Telemetry

Julie Banovic joins Telemetry from Bureau Detroit.

Telemetry has announced that Julie Banovic has joined Telemetry as Associate Account Director. Banovic was most recently the co-founder of Bureau Detroit, managing social media marketing, client communications, and content for several well-known regional and national brands.

Previous to her work in social media marketing, Julie was an Emmy-nominated journalist spending more than 15 years reporting on TV from the newsrooms of CNN, WNEM-TV5, WWJ-TV62, and most notably, WXYZ-TV Channel 7.

"Through Bureau, Julie has come to be a trusted partner," said Craig Daitch, president and principal of Telemetry. "Bringing her full-time to Telemetry allows Julie to tap into the full breadth and depth of her experience in journalism and marketing. We welcome Julie to our team and can't wait for her to contribute!"

Banovic will work alongside Vice President and Group Account Director Kaitlin Jarvis to focus on telemetryTRANSMIT™ , Telemetry's earned media division, and will be based in Telemetry's metro Detroit office.

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Harbinger Selects Telemetry as Public Relations Agency of Record

Strategic communications agency Telemetry today announces it was selected as the public relations agency of record for Los Angeles-based automotive manufacturer, Harbinger. Launched by Telemetry at the 2022 North American International Autoshow (NAIAS) in Detroit, Harbinger was founded with a mission to bring modernization and fresh thinking to a market poorly addressed by electrification through the manufacturing of Class 4 to Class 7 medium-duty trucks.

“Harbinger is arriving to a medium-duty industry that is starving for innovation, and we’re elated to have been chosen to help tell the Harbinger story,” said Telemetry President and Principal Craig Daitch.

Led by co-founders John Harris, Phillip Weicker, and Will Eberts, Harbinger’s team is composed of EV specialists with decades of experience across the automotive, aerospace, and battery technology industries. Harbinger has uniquely differentiated itself through engineering excellence, bringing to market: 

  • A proprietary eAxle combines the motor, inverter, and gearbox into an integrated unit, improving energy efficiency, lowering cost, and bringing critical safety improvements by enabling the battery systems to be positioned entirely inside the frame.
  • A liquid-cooled battery pack engineered for superior performance, lower cost, and a supplier-agnostic sourcing strategy. The pack design also takes advantage of cutting-edge casting technology to provide improved battery durability, safety, and lifespan. 
  • A new driver-focused chassis architecture designed to improve safety, driver experience, and productivity through drive-by-wire steering and enhancements to vehicle ergonomics. In addition, a novel front suspension reduces vehicle overhang, improving driver visibility and vehicle maneuverability. 

At NAIAS, Telemetry used its automotive media knowledge and expertise to assist Harbinger with its debut to a global audience of automotive and technology media. “Mobility is rapidly evolving across all segments of the automotive industry,” said Daitch. “To be given the opportunity to rapidly accelerate awareness for one of the commercial trucking industry’s fastest-rising startups at the predominant showcase of all things automotive was an incredible team effort. Both Telemetry and Harbinger look to additional collaborations and can’t wait to share what’s next!”

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How to Get Seen with the new Instagram Algorithm

Whether you're a brand new startup or a Fortune 500 veteran, understanding the Instagram algorithm in order to get your content seen is key. Instagram recently shook things up with a brand new algorithm favoring everything but what they're known for: photos. 

What are the new changes? 

Videos and Reels are prioritized in feed over photos

Instagram changed its algorithm to favor videos and reels over photos. This sparked a large backlash and even started a ‘Make Instagram Instagram Again’ movement that was fronted by celebrities and backed by small business owners. Diaspora owner Sana Javeri Kadri leaned heavily on Instagram for marketing before, but the new updates say that engagement has hit rock bottom. Since joining the social media platform, Diaspora gained over 100,000 followers but now says that she feels as though they are at a standstill. “I completely credit them for our growth and then the algorithm changed and our sales dropped horrifyingly.” (“How Instagram’s Algorithm Change Is Hurting Small Businesses”)

New Reels templates 

With Instagram wanting reels and videos to be the new focus of the app, they have created templates to allow users to create reels easier and faster than ever before. 

Chronological feed is back

Instagram also reintroduced the chronological feed rather than a feed based on assumed relevancy. This means that posting at optimized times, such as when your followers are most active, is more necessary than ever and should be prioritized again. 

What is the Difference Between Instagram Reels versus Video?

Instagram Reels was Meta’s response to the growing popularity of short-form videos from TikTok. The Reels tab acts as an explore page for this short-form, video-based content. Under this tab, users are able to scroll through their feed to view any videos regardless of their following status to the creator. In other words, you have a better chance to go viral and be discovered by audiences you previously could not reach; but on the other hand, your content is no longer prominent with audiences you have carefully cultivated.

Video, on the other hand, can be longer form and can also be placed on IGTV, a video application similar to YouTube that is also interlaced within the Instagram app. These tend to be more produced than reels as they are longer and tend to have a purpose beyond just entertainment. Under the Instagram video tab, you can host past videos from any Instagram Live events you've had, or you can post long-form videos for up to 10 minutes (verified Instagram users can post up to 60-minute videos).

Tips for Making the New Algorithm Work for You 

  • Decide what content works best for your brand and your target audience
    • Videos vs. Reels vs. Photos vs. Stories
      • Reels: Short, entertaining videos that increase your discoverability and reach wider, untapped audiences.
      • Videos: Longer forms of video are best for deeper dives into a topic with your existing audience.
      • Photos: Static images with longer message captions that are best for polished content combined with hashtags. 
      • Stories: Images or short videos that live on feeds for only 24 hours that are best for real-time, unpolished content for the opportunity to deepen your relationship with your current audience. Engagement tactics such as user polls or question and answer segments within Stories allow followers to engage directly with brands and influencers, forming a more intimate relationship. 
  • Capture attention in the first three seconds
    • Get to the point quickly- In order to increase views on videos and reels, you need to get past the three-second mark in order for it to count as a view, making capturing your user's attention as quickly as possible is key. 
    • Caption video content- 
      • Studies show that 92% of users watch Instagram videos with the sound off, meaning it is more likely than not that your audience will not hear your message without captions. 
      • Captioned videos can also help improve search engine optimization. The captions can help make videos visible outside of the Instagram platform. 
  • Since reels and videos have higher discoverability by users not following you, make sure to encourage them to follow your page in order to grow your following. 

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Bringing Sustainable Fashion to the North American International Autoshow with IAC Group

IAC Group chief administrative officer Iwona Villaire wearing a sustainable evening gown designed by the company for the NAIAS charity preview. photo credit: Anthony Morrow, Bureau Detroit.

IAC is a leading global supplier of automotive components and systems. Their primary focus is interior innovations such as instrument panels, door trims, and headliners, working with OEMs such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, and Ford to bring the interior vision they have for their makes and models to fruition.

IAC's purpose is to create environments that move you.

That elevation of the brand was the platform we used to develop what we simply referred to as "The Gown".

A Return to Elegance

It's been two years since we've seen the North American International Auto Show, and that includes the black-tie charity preview that occurs the Friday before the event opens to the public. The preview event has annually been presented as a lean-forward event, broadcast on Detroit's local ABC affiliate, WXYZ. It's as much a tradition as the show itself. With a focus on sustainability and electrification, we worked with IAC to develop a concept that aligned with the virtues of IAC - elegantly engineered, boldly executed, elevating the best in sustainable technology with precision and speed.

In repeating the brand pillars of IAC, it was evident that parallels could be made to the fashion industry. More so, fabrics and materials that were used in the manufacturing of the very interiors millions of people sit in daily could be used for garments and fashion. The gown was the perfect convergence of the automotive and fashion industries.

This insight was shared with our clients, who fully embraced the idea of designing a gown - IAC's Chief Administrative Officer created the original sketch and IAC's talented global teams - including engineering and industrial sewers helped bring the gown to fruition with unprecedented speed. Everything on the gown aligned with IAC - made from three sustainable materials and jewelry made from recycled ocean plastics. It was a monumental effort, but one where everyone was excited to have a place in participating.

A Lesson in Storytelling

The gown is a great example of client creativity while staying close to their core.

Creating a contextual Venn diagram between events (NAIAS and New York Fashion Week), purpose (Using sustainability as a pillar to design and create world-class auto interiors), and creativity (developing a gown made of sustainable automotive materials) is a winning combination for creating attention for your brand. The story is in the dress itself and we're grateful to have worked on this project.

We look forward to seeing Iwona wear the gown at the North American International Auto Show Charity Preview!

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How Keyword Optimization Can Help Inform Your Public Relations Strategy

Public relation strategies seek to communicate a desired message about your brand to your target audience. But first, your target audience needs to come across that message. You can do this best with keyword optimization, which consists of keyword research and utilization. The practice can make or break a public relations strategy and therefore should be at the top of your to-do list.

Jami Robben

What Is Keyword Research?

In order to maximize your internet presence, you must determine what your target audience is searching for. You can find and analyze the terms that people enter into search engines through tools like Google’s keyword planner. 

What Is Keyword Utilization?

Once you've figured out the best keywords, you need to use them effectively so that your content will reach your targeted audience. Google decides a website's quality based on how relevant it is to users. It does this largely by monitoring the site’s click-through rate and retention rate. 

When you use appropriate keywords, viewers are more likely to remain on your page or click on associated links. The more this happens, Google will then reward you with a higher placement on the search results page. 

This is important because, according to Cross River Therapy, the average person has an attention span of 8.25 seconds. When a consumer searches for something on Google, they expect the results to be spot on, providing what they are looking for without any additional work on their part. Research shows that almost half of search engine users believe that companies whose websites show up at the top of the results page are leaders in their field. Furthermore, 75% of search engine users look only at the first page of results. If you want a decent number of eyes on your site, you need to rank highly. 

How to Get Started With Keyword Research

Now that you know the importance of keywords, how can you make them work for you? Here are some tips. 

Choose quality over quantity: Avoid “keyword stuffing,” which is where you use the same keyword multiple times in a short space of text. This signals to Google that the content is not high quality and deserves a low place on the search results. 

Get specific and know your intent: Certain words may relate to multiple things on the internet, so specificity can be your friend. If your company sells applesauce, for instance, you wouldn't want to use the term "apple products" at the top of your page, as there's no way you'll rank highly in search. Instead, use the specific term "applesauce" to get traction with your desired audience.

Regularly research keywords: See what works and what doesn’t. And don't assume that yesterday's top keywords are the same as today's. Users' search terms are constantly evolving. 

Helpful Tools


Great for searching for long-tail keywords, keyword trends, CPC distribution statistics, and organic traffic insights. 


Great for presenting keyword metrics from other data sources in an efficient way, targeting specific keywords, presenting precise competitor statistics, and refining keyword results.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer:

Great for analyzing click metrics to improve CTR, extensive SERP overview, and accurate keyword difficulty score. 

Google Keyword Planner: 

Great for gauging accurate search volume and locating commercial keywords for “top of page” bid range. 

Growth Bar: 

Great for tracking keyword rank, exportable keyword data, and accurate ranking difficulty. 

About the Author

Jami Robben, Telemetry's summer intern, is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri. Having graduated with a Journalism major emphasizing in strategic communication, we are excited to have Jami contribute to Telemetry's blog!

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