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From expert copywriting to brand journalism, influencer content, and captivating visuals — we craft narratives that resonate.

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Our content strategy combines auditing, planning, and SEO/SEM to ensure your message resonates effectively with its audience.

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Community Management

Boost brand narratives with strategic Content Distribution, Reputation safeguarding and enriched Employee Engagement.

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Media Engagement

Combining paid social/search, organic strategies, storytelling and expertly crafted releases for unparalleled reach.

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In the automotive sector, where suppliers, OEMs, and support entities are deeply interconnected, clear communication bridges gaps. Telemetry possesses a nuanced understanding of this intricate network.

For executives and industry trailblazers, aligning with an agency well-versed in these subtleties is essential to having your message to break through.


In the financial sector, where decisions carry weight and consequence, engaging potential customers early is paramount.

Telemetry, attuned to the subtleties of this industry, crafts content that not only illuminates core services but also shines a spotlight on complementary offerings.

For financial institutions aiming to influence choices at initial stages, an alliance with a knowledgeable agency like Telemetry offers a strategic edge, ensuring messages resonate both centrally and peripherally.

Media Publishers

In the evolving media publishing landscape, co-branded content stands out as a beacon of innovation.

For lifestyle editorial brands aiming to delve into the automotive realm, expertise matters. With its consortium of seasoned journalists and marketing mavens, Telemetry is adept at crafting content that seamlessly merges brand ethos with automotive insights.

Collaborating with such a team ensures content that resonates with readers and solidifies a publication’s position as a forward-thinking voice in both the lifestyle and automotive spaces.

Professional Services

For service providers, distinguishing your brand in a crowded marketplace hinges on making your core expertise matter to customers.

By weaving stories that forge a profound bond with the service provider’s unique expertise, Telemetry elevates the connection current and potential customers have towards your brand. Only we can turn casual interactions into enduring relationships.

Real Estate

In the competitive landscape of real estate, agents and brokers understand the value of distinctive, compelling content.

Telemetry, with its group of seasoned journalists, crafts narratives that do more than just advertise — they build connections.

For real estate professionals eager to retain current clients and captivate prospective ones, the stories Telemetry curates offer more than a listing: they reinforce a relationship, embedding deeper trust and affinity in you, the agent. 


In the tech world, getting the right message across can be tricky. Telemetry knows how to speak the language of tech and helps companies communicate more effectively.

For tech businesses launching new products or into new markets, it’s essential to influence the right decision-makers at the right time. We refine and amplify your to ensure they’re heard by the right ears.



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About Us

Established in 2020, Telemetry is an integrated communications agency with a more powerful approach to storytelling.

Leveraging experiences from our client, agency and publishing backgrounds, Telemetry brings leadership and vision to brands seeking a fresh approach to communications. 

We enable our clients to find their most powerful, resonant brand voice everywhere their customers engage.

Our Team

Craig Daitch
Founder & President

Craig Daitch is the founder and CEO of Telemetry, an integrated communications company specializing in content creation and brand publishing. Before branching out independently, he led the strategy and insights team at Hearst Autos, where he synthesized car-shopper data, identified industry trends, and guided automaker advertising investments based on these insights. While there, he introduced the idea of replacing traditional print car ads with OEM-sponsored content that was so highly produced that it could have been editorial. He also participated in more creative projects, such as when he contributed to producing an Audi-sponsored documentary about vehicle autonomy featuring author and podcaster Malcolm Gladwell. 

It’s in these out-of-the-box media campaigns where Daitch truly shines. Throughout his 25-year public relations and marketing career, he has impressed executives at several Fortune 500 companies with his unconventional ideas. For example, while serving as the head of car communications at Ford, he made the debut of the 2012 Fiesta’s small engine into a big deal by fitting the block into a suitcase and taking it as his carry-on item from Detroit to the Los Angeles Auto Show. He also created a first-of-its-kind content studio at General Motors to ensure consistent messaging around Chevrolet’s “Find New Roads” brand promise across 10 global markets. And while at PHD, an agency within Omnicom Media Group, Daitch increased viewership of a Discovery Channel show called “Future Weapons” with a cross-brand promotion that was ahead of its time: He formulated a strategic partnership with the makers of “Gears of War” — a popular and similar-focus video game — to give gamers who tuned in to the show on-screen codes that they could use to unlock downloadable maps in the game – an industry first that led to a Cannes Lion. 

At Telemetry, he continues to bring his creativity to the table with every client. Daitch proposed to tier-one automotive supplier IAC Group that it should showcase its cutting-edge cockpit materials at the heavily attended NAIAS charity event by wrapping a company exec in a fashionable dress made of the stuff, for instance. He has also fostered relationships with giants in the automotive sector, the finance industry, and the magazine world, all of whom have entrusted Telemetry to come up with innovative marketing campaigns and/or produce highly polished content. 

When not brainstorming communications strategies or serving as an unofficial ambassador for Detroit, Daitch cherishes time spent with his wife and two daughters. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University, has guest-lectured at the University of Michigan and New York University, and has completed an executive leadership program at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.

Kaitlin Jarvis
Senior Vice President, Managing Director

Kaitlin is a strategic communications professional with expertise shaping strategy for global B2B and B2C brands. With experience executing high-profile consumer launches, Kaitlin’s expertise in marrying research with creative storytelling, media relations and social media has proven to drive measurable business results for brands like Michelin USA, Mizuno, Ashton Woods Homes, Tire Rack, among others.

Chris Terry
Vice President, Strategic Communications

Chris Terry is a 26-year public relations veteran, Founder of Weber Shandwick’s Automotive Practice and former speechwriter for Ford CEO Mark Fields while serving on the Product Communications staff at Ford Motor Company. Chris is known for creative storytelling, idea generation and media relations expertise based on over two decades of experience with OEMs and suppliers.

Andrew Ganz
Executive Editor

Andrew Ganz has had cars in his blood ever since he gnawed the paint off of a diecast model as a toddler. After growing up in Dallas, Texas, he earned a journalism degree from Indiana University, worked in public relations for two manufacturers, and served as an editor and contributor to several well-known automotive publications.

Wendy Stachowicz
Internal Communications Director

Wendy Stachowicz is a bona fide employee communications professional with over 25 years of experience within the automotive industry, including work at General Motors Corporation and Chevrolet.

Drew Johnson
Senior Content Editor

Drew Johnson is a lifelong gear-head that grew up thinking it was normal to spend weekends road-rallying in the passenger’s seat of an MGB. He graduated from Miami University with a business degree and has served as an editor and contributor to several well-known automotive publications. Drew resides in Cincinnati.

Beth Nichols
Managing Editor

After spending several years at Road & Track and Car and Driver, Beth knows far more about the auto industry than she ever wanted to, including the nonsensical stuff, such as how BMW “solved” its displacement-based model-naming problem in the age of forced induction, why there’s a Turbo trim level for the Porsche Taycan EV, and how anyone thought that the Chevy SSR was a good idea. (Granted, she still struggles with the last one).

Todd Losey
Executive Media Director

Todd is a self-described media nerd with a penchant for proving the value of digital media investment. Drawing on his eclectic background as a mechanical engineer, teacher, coach, sales rep, and account manager, Todd is able to guide brand, agency, creative, and production teams from ideation to execution. As a Detroit native, Todd’s 23 years of experience in the auto industry runs the gamut, from diagnosing tooling challenges on the factory floor to presenting annual media plans in the boardroom.

Efrain Olivares
Senior Account Manager

Efrain brings a deep background in media relations, strategic communications, and storytelling to Telemetry Agency. Having worked heavily within the automotive industry, Efrain has also worked extensively in motorsports, B2B tech, and consumer tech – all the while keeping a pulse on changing media trends to find a way to tell a client’s story.

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